HiCUD - WAPKA Classroom
? NOTE: WAPKA Supports Various Languages To Make Your Coding Exciting and Implementable On Classified Platforms.

Languages Such As:

  HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language.
  CSS: Cascading Style Sheet.
  JS: Javascript.
  JSON: (API included and Plain Texts).

You Can Customize Your Frameworks (Free and Paid), As Bootstrap Is Already Chosen To Run The Default Themes. Though, Users Can Choose To Keep, Remove or Select The Ones They Enlisted On The Platform.
How To Select A Theme.
How To Edit A Theme. 
How To Remove Selected Theme. 
How To Choose A Blank Page (No Theme). 

Frameworks, Such As W3CSS and Bootstrap Are Used On This Platform, With A Few Configure Text Files Fixed By The Administration of Wapka. This Is To Help Users Understand and Run The Functions Easily.